Company policy

Policy of company combines quality, environmental management and safety and health at work.

Because we believe that quality is the most important for our customers, the management has decided to develop, establish and maintain quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

With consistent compliance with the procedures of quality management system and every day improvements in working we want to raise customer and employee satisfaction. At the same time, we tend to establish a partnership with suppliers and sustainable development of the company and care for the environment.

Management and all employees are committed to consistently fulfil customers’ requirements and expectations, legal requirements, nonstop improvement of products, processes and performance of the quality management system.

For purpose to be able to realize these commitments, we include all employees in efforts to achieve desired quality. Management policy is available on the company's website for all interested community.

The company Megras is aware of the importance of environmental management and health and safety at work, so:

- we track and consider all requirements of committed law for environment, safety and health of employees,
- we  buy new technologies and modern equipment in accordance with the principles of environmental protection to reduce overall emissions and to make better working conditions,
- we take care to prevent and reduce the negative impacts of our work on the environment,
- in the consumption of raw materials and energy sources we are looking forward to find the best efficiency in economic and environmental way,
- properly handling with waste, monitor and measure the emissions of air and noise,
- we train and educate all employees to work safely, and update statement of risk assessment,
- we also perform preventive and periodic health checks and provide personal protective equipment and resources,
- We train and raise awareness of all employees about the importance of health and safety at work.

Needs, requirements and expectations of our customers, suppliers and employees, are met and understoond through open communication. We will promote improvement processes improved through nonstop staff training, the introduction of new solutions and technologies, and by measuring achieved results.


“Quality is our advantage!”


We will become a recognized and commercially successful supplier of flanges on the markets of Europe and beyond. Locally reliable partner for the implementation of the various services of mechanical processing of metals and transport services with Hiab.


We offer a professional, fast, reliable and cost-acceptable care.


Your reliable partner