Water jet cutting

We provide professional water jet cutting using the latest technology. With water jet cutting, the respective work piece is cut by high-pressure jet. By the so-called pure water cutting, water is used exclusively. For harder materials an abrasive is mixed with the water. Water jet cutting saves due to the extremely precise design of your time and material.

The following materials we can work for you: metals (construction, tool and stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass andd titanium), natural stone such as marble, granite and tile, glass, plastics, wood and rubber.

The cost of a water jet cutting are subject to: the nature and strenght of the material, the length of the section contour, the cut quality and the quality of the delivered data (drawings, sketches or CAD files)


- Minimum thickness of material: 1 mm
- Maximum thickness of material: 120 mm
- Cutting tolerances: +/-0,1 to +/- 0,5 mm
- Table length: 6000 mm
- Table width: 2300 mm


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